//Our Guide To The Best Mother’s Day Gifts

Our Guide To The Best Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is a big day. Mothers play a vital role in our lives and for many of us, have deep emotional connections as well. Mother’s Day is an obviously great time celebrate the mothers in our lives. But choosing the right gift that can show our love and appreciation is tough. More than any other gift giving holiday, Mother’s Day is a day where a thoughtful gift is definitely the best option.

The ideal Mother’s Day gift is one that both creates new memories and calls to mind fond past experiences. A great Mother’s Day gift doesn’t have to be expensive but it does have to be personal, because nothing is more personal than your mom! But inspiration can be hard to come by and if you are a mother yourself, spare time can be even harder to come by. That’s why we are putting together a top 10 list of some of our own personal favorite and most popular Mother’s Day gifts. Hopefully we can help you let your mother know, just how much she has meant to you!

cardinal suncatcher

10. Suncatchers

Window or garden suncatchers are an inexpensive way to bring color and beauty to a home. Here in Northeastern Ohio, we may not have many sunny days, but make the most of them adding suncatchers to your windows. Many of our customers add one to the kitchen windows as well as living room and we have enough suncatchers at both of our stores that we will definitely have something that matches the decor of any room in your mom’s house!

garden spinner

9. Wind Spinners

Wind spinners are some of our most popular items. Wind spinners not only look good but they are a fun modern take on the classic weathervane. With just a glance out the window you can know how hard the wind is blowing. The movement and beauty are an especially great alternative or even addition to windchimes.

solon polish pottery

8. Polish Pottery

Polish pottery has been one of our fastest growing product lines. Polish pottery originally started as local folk art centuries ago. Their colors and patterns were inspired by peacock feathers and that heritage can still be seen today in the blues and greens. It is definitely easy to see why, the beautiful intricate patterns have a timelessness that means that these dishes may be something that you can look forward to handing down to your own children someday.

Our Guide To The Best Mother's Day Gifts

7. Concrete Statuary

Concrete statues are an area of specialty for us. They are a premium, long lasting gift that brings beauty and gravity to a garden or yard. Perfect for ornamental decoration or even memorials including pet memorials. Wildlife Garden offers stepping stones, memorials, statues, fountains, and bird baths. If you’re having trouble deciding, have questions, or just want to find out more, talk to one of our employees at either our Solon store or the location in North Canton.

buy wind chimes in canton ohio

6. Hand Tuned Wind Chimes

Wind chimes were meant to sound beautiful, not cheap or creepy. That’s why we are proud to carry quality hand tuned wind chimes. Surprise your mom with deeply resonant sounding chime that will remind her of just how special she is to you, time and again. For a sample of what a few of our chimes sound like, check out our chimes page and click on the image to hear a few for yourself.

Our Guide To The Best Mother's Day Gifts

5. Bird Bath

Bird baths are the perfect complement to your mother’s garden (or yours)! They offer the gravitas and classical beauty of our concrete statuary, but the natural element of attracting birds that perfectly complement your garden with their own flash of color and song. Bird baths are wonderful, low maintenance way to interact with the local birds.

hummingbird seminar talk

4. Bird Feeder

We are proud to be the area leaders in bird feeders. We have the styles and seed to provide for any of Ohio’s bird population and the expertise to help you (or your mother) get started. If you know exactly what you’re looking for, we probably have it. But if you aren’t yet sure, check out some of our guides and helpful tips on finding the perfect bird feeder that will be a great conversation piece in your family for years to come.

canton hummingbird feeder

3. Hummingbird Feeders And Hummbug

Speaking of bird feeders, hummingbirds are officially back in the area for Mother’s Day, making a hummingbird feeder the perfect gift. We offer a wide selection of beautiful options. May is also nesting time for hummingbirds and with the eggs hatching in just a few weeks it is important to make sure that the hummingbird mothers have the protein that they need to care for their babies. That’s why we are very excited to carry the new hummbug feeder. It is a hummingbird feeder unlike any other. Rather than filling it with nectar, you fill the feeder with fruit (typically bananas). The fruit attracts fruit flies which hummingbirds love! This is just the protein that a young humminbird family needs to grow up big and strong… well maybe not that big.

canton ohio fairy garden store

2. Fairy Garden

Has your mom caught on to the fairy garden trend yet? Whether she is just getting started or looking for the perfect piece to complete her set up, Wildlife Garden is Ohio’s best option for fairy garden items and supplies. We even offer a great display to help inspire your own tiny green oasis.

light up led fountain

1. Lighted LED Fountain

Our stunningly beautiful LED water fountains are the best way to create a beautiful garden, day or night. They are especially popular for hosting summer bbqs and garden parties or even just something to set the scene for summer evening games of corn hole! Stop by one of our locations today to find out just how beautiful these fountains can be!

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