Father’s Day is a little different than Mother’s Day. Moms like breakfast in bed, flowers, and special gifts that remind them of their family and loved ones. Dads like peace and quiet. A hammock in a well cared for backyard and not to think about the To-Do list for the weekend.

With that in mind, our top 10 best gift ideas for Northeastern Ohio’s dads involve creating a backyard oasis that provides that peace and quiet all year round. Let dad know just how special he is with one of these great gift suggestions!

Water Fountain

1. Fountain

Fountains are a great way to create the perfect, peaceful ambience that makes any backyard or garden feel timeless and welcoming.

oriole feeder


2. Oriole Feeder With A Free Packet Of Oriole Nectar!

Orioles can be a challenge to spot in the North Eastern Ohio area unless you live on the edge of the woods with a body of water or if you have the right feeder! These bright colored birds have a lot variation in their plumage, from yellow to dark orange, but whatever the color that shows up at your feeder, it is sure to delight dad!

solon ohio wind chimes

3. Chimes

A quiet afternoon on the back porch listening to the breeze play a tune on your new chimes while sipping on some lemonade is probably the best possible way to spend Father’s Day. Stop by to check out our hand tuned chimes and find the perfect song for you.

solon ohio bird feeder

4. Bird Feeder

And the perfect complement to the sound of chimes is the beautiful sound of birds singing. Bird feeders have been a great Father’s Day gift since you made your first one in shop class. This year get dad something that isn’t going to fall apart the first time it rains to say thanks for being there!

galileo thermometer

5. Galileo Thermometer

Dad’s like geeky gifts and a Galileo Thermometer is the perfect way to indulge Dad’s inner scientist. Plus Galileo Thermometers are a great way to keep up with the ever changing Ohio weather!

Golfer Statue

6. Concrete Golfer Statue

Ohio golfers have to be prepared for all sorts of weather and, just like your dad, this concrete golfer statue is brave enough to weather the elements all year long and look good while doing it.

canton walking sticks

7. Walking Sticks

And speaking of being in the great outdoors, a family hike is a great way to celebrate Father’s Day and a high quality, durable walking stick makes a great and useful gift. Start Dad’s collection today!

patriotic banners

8. American Flags

Celebrate your father and our nation’s forefathers with a new American flag! Whatever your dad’s politics are, we can all agree that there is no better flag to wave.

patriotic memorials

9. Patriotic Statues

America is the land of the free because of the sacrifice that many of our fathers made. Commemorate Dad’s military service with one of our patriotic and military concrete statuary pieces, the perfect reminder that freedom isn’t free but it is worth working for!

ohio bat houses

10. Bat Houses

A single bat can eat thousands of mosquitoes each night. Create a welcome home for these great little bug deterrents–in your Dad’s backyard!